Stuff You Should Read

Functional Stability Training, Ankle Mobs with Motion, and Addressing Weaknesses

This week’s stuff you should read has articles from Thomas Lam, Erson Religioso, and Mike Robertson.

Fitness Business Blueprint

Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, and Pat Rigsby are having a special holiday sale on Fitness Business Blueprint, their premium product on how to run a fitness business.  I think the product was great and can easily be applied to rehab specialists looking to branch out into private practice.  They are offering $100 off and a 1-month trial for only $1.  Worth checking out for a buck.

Functional Stability Training

Thomas Lam from Fits Toronto wrote up an awesome review of Eric Cressey and I’s Functional Stability Training of the Core seminar a few weeks ago.  Happy to say that production of the recorded version of the seminar is coming along well, looking forward to having something available sometime in the first quarter of 2012.

Talocrural Mobilizations with Movement

Erson Religioso has some nice video demonstrations of Mulligan’s ankle mobs with motion.  Nice tool for you to have as an option.

Addressing Weakness in Training and in Life

Nice article by Mike Robertson about understanding out strengths and weaknesses, and why that is so important.


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