Functional Stability Training for the Lower Body

Functional Stability Training for the Lower Body

I am super excited to announce that Eric Cressey and I’s latest product, Functional Stability Training for the Lower Body, is now available!  Last year, we released the first module in our Functional Stability Training system, FST for the Core, which was hugely popular.  Since then, Eric and I get weekly, almost daily, emails asking when more FST products were going to become available.  Well, FST for the Lower Body is finally here!


Functional Stability Training for the Lower Body

Functional-Stability-Training-Lower-BodyFST for the Lower Body is a comprehensive program that combines the way I approach my rehabilitation programs with how Eric approaches his strength and performance programs.  We talk about a ton of topics that merge our philosophies.

Functional Stability Training for the Lower Body takes a hard look at the lower extremity and how to most effectively optimize function.  By addressing alignment, strength, mobility, and dynamic motor control, you can maximize your rehabilitation and training programs to reach optimal performance.

The lower extremities work in conjunction with the core to provide mobility, strength, and power to the entire body.  Any deficits throughout the lower body’s kinetic chain can lead to injury, dysfunction, and a decrease in performance.  FST for the Lower Body aims to help formulate rehabilitation and training programs designed to optimize how the lower body functions.


The FST for the Lower Body program can be applied to rehabilitation, injury prevention, and performance enhancement programs.

For the rehabilitation specialist, the information will help you restore functional activities faster.  For the fitness and performance specialists, the information will help you achieve new progress with your clients to maximize functional and athletic potential.  For the fitness enthusiast, the information will help you gain control of your lower body, maximize functional movement, and reduce wear and tear due to faulty movement patterns.

Here is the outline of presentations and lab demonstrations in the program:

  1. Training the Hip for FST for the Lower Body
  2. Assessing Lower Body Alignment and Movement
  3. Preparing the Adductors for Health and Performance
  4. Hip Internal Rotation Deficits: Why You Have Them and What to Do About Them
  5. Training the Foot and Ankle for FST for the Lower Body
  6. Understanding and Implementing Neuromuscular Control Progressions into your Programs
  7. How to Integrate Neuromuscular Control Progressions
  8. 15 Things I’ve Learned About the Deadlift
  9. Developing Lower Extremity Strength and Power Outside the Sagittal Plane


We’ve had some great reviews so far, here is one example:

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I honestly feel the FST for the Lower Body may be our best product yet, so if you have seen FST for the Core or Optimal Shoulder Performance, you are definitely going to want to go through the FST for the Lower Body program as well.


Special Discount Price This Week Only!

FST for the Lower Body is available now as a fully online educational product with the option of purchasing the DVDs.  There is a special discount price of $79.95  this week only so head over to and learn more.  This is a great deal and more than the half of the price of what you’d normally pay for seminar of this quality.  The special price is only available until the end of the weekend.

Functional Stability Training for the Lower Body

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  • http://Website(optional) Andrew Nasr

    Any history of getting CCUs/CEUs for the functional stability franchise through PT/CSCS governing bodies?

    • Mike Reinold

      Hi Andrew. We are working towards CEUs but the governing bodies still are not up to date on how to handle DVDs and home study courses. We are considering but nothing set in stone.

  • http://Website(optional) Teri

    How many hours is this program?

    • Mike Reinold

      Teri, it is about 6 I believe

  • http://Website(optional) Sean Yohe

    Hi, how could this be used for a firedepartment to help firfighters from getting strains and sprains to lower back, knees and shoulders during calls and training?