Free Presentations on the Shoulder and How I Use IASTM

This week’s Stuff You Should Read links to a couple of free presentations I did around the web this week.


Inner Circle and Updates

My last webinar on “Why Corrective Exercises Do Not Always Work and What to Do About It” is now available.  I thought this was an important topic to present as corrective exercises have become so popular and are not always applied correctly.  Next month’s webinar is going to build on that theme and discuss “How to Integrate Corrective Exercises into Rehab and Performance.”  As with anything, there are some advanced considerations that can really help you maximize your results.  I’ll announce the specific date over the next couple of weeks. has a bunch of awesome new webinars coming up over the next few months.  The new webinars are going to really detail several surgical techniques with video demonstrations and information on postopertative rehabilitation.  The first one is on surgery for posterior shoulder instability from Lyle Cain and Kevin Wilk. The next one is really a favorite of mine showing the surgical technique for femoroacetabular impingement.


Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart Web Symposium

I recently did a presentation on IASTM for the Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart Symposium with is series of interviews from over 20 physical therapist experts that discuss everything from manual therapy, to pain science, to running a PT business.  Best part…  it’s FREE this week.


Stop Chasing Pain Interview

I also did an interview with Perry Nickelston for his Stop Chasing Pain podcast.  We talk about shoulders and a lot of other things.  I especially liked the Q&A at the end of the session!  Again, another FREE resource:



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  1. No links to stuff you should read.

  2. I don’t see the link for “How I use IASTM”

  3. I also dont see the How I use IASTM link. thanks

  4. Clinked on every link/bullet point on bottom and nothing related to shoulder/IASTM. Please guide the blind.

  5. Sorry guys! I wasn’t clear. The Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart webcast was about IASTM! Check that out, that is what my topic is about.

  6. Mike I have many case of scapular dyskinesis manly type II how could I treat more effectively an how much time it takes to get result, plz advice me in many case of cervical Spondylosis there is dyskinesis is it bcoz of cervical or bcoz of dyskinesis, plz send me your email address so I can send you photographs (

  7. Free presentation on the shoulder; how do I turn it on, where do I click. It should be clear what one has to do to view. This has happened to me with your site several times already. I don’t have time to waste playing guessing games. I’m not the only one ,I see. Spent a half hour searching.

    Really. Thanks

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