Tommy John, PRI, and RockTape

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Will Carroll, Erson Religioso, and Michael Mullin.


Inner Circle and Updates

My next webinar on “Integrating Corrective Exercises Into Rehab and Performance” will be on Tuesday November 19th at 10:00 AM EST.  This is a follow up to last month’s webinar on Why Corrective Exercises Don’t Always Work. has a bunch of awesome new webinars coming up over the next few months.  Next week is part 1 of a presentation by Michael Mullin on Integrating Postural Restoration Institute Concepts into Training.  There will also be more great surgical demo videos and a presentation on Neurokinetic Therapy by David Weinstock.


Tommy John Surgery: The Realities and Myths of Sports’ Most Famous Operation

My friend Will Carroll from The Bleacher Report has an excellent article discussing the Tommy John, or UCL reconstruction procedure.  Will did a really great job with this article.


5 Reasons You Should Be Using RockTape

Erson Religioso wrote a article recently that discussed 5 reasons why you should be using RockTape, a form of kinesiology tape.





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