5 Common Stretches We Probably Shouldnt Be Doing

5 Common Stretches We Probably Shouldn’t Be Using

5 Common Stretches We Probably Shouldnt Be DoingThe latest Inner Circle webinar recording on the 5 Common Stretches We Probably Shouldn’t Be Using is now available.

5 Common Stretches We Probably Shouldn’t Be Using

This month’s Inner Circle webinar was on 5 Common Stretches We Probably Shouldn’t Be Using.  Don’t get me wrong, I do perform stretches with people, but I think we often over utilize them as well.  Here are 5 stretches that are pretty common, why I think we overuse them, and what to do about it.


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  • Hudson Wilvers

    Mike I’ve stopped doing HBB stretching and have moved more towards x-body stretching as an alternative, however many people will c/o discomfort in their anterior shoulder likely from their humoral head not being able to glide posterior and causing some impingment anteriorly. What do you like to do in these situations? I focus on more hands on manual post glides and STM of the post cuff but is there anything else I can give them to stretch the post capsule/cuff on their own when they cannot feel the x-body stretch in the correct area? Thanks.

    • Sounds like they need more joint work before you get too aggressive with stretching

  • Andreas Prezas

    Just watched this webinar just now. Great info.

    What about HBB for AC joint injury….do you use it?

    On the presentation you mainly talked about static stretching, what about active stretching?

    You mentioned alignment first prior mobility. In most of the active flexibility/ mobility the body reaches end ranges.

    Do you use active flexibility/ mobility?

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