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PCL posterior cruciate ligament

Can PCL Injuries Be Successfully Treated Without Surgery?

Recent research looks at the outcomes of subjects with PCL deficient knees that were followed for up to 21 years.

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youth acl injuries

Expert Advice on Youth ACL Injuries

Expert orthopedic surgeons from the AOSSM share their advice on youth ACL injuries.

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ACL reconstruction revision rates

Do ACL Hamstring Grafts Fail More than Patellar Tendon Grafts?

This month’s issue of the American Journal of Sports Medicine included two studies comparing the revision rates of ACL reconstruction between hamstring grafts and patellar tendon grafts of over 25,000 people.

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anterolateral knee ligament

Did We Really Discover a New Ligament in the Knee?

This week’s Stuff You Should Read is about the “new” discovery of the anterolateral ligament of the knee.

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Reactive Neuromuscular Training for Dynamic Stabilization of the Lower Extremity

A Simple Dynamic Stability Exercise for the Leg [Video Demo]

This video demonstrates simple reactive neuromuscular training (RNT) drills to enhance dynamic stability of the lower extremity.

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tight hamstring anterior pelvic tilt

Can Tight Hip Flexors Cause Tight Hamstrings?

Sometime having tight hip flexors and an anterior pelvic tilt can limit your ability to touch your toes just as much tight hamstrings.

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Functional Stability Training for the Lower Body

Functional Stability Training for the Lower Body

My latest product with Eric Cressey, Functional Stability Training for the Lower Body, is available now!

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A Quick and Easy Way to Assess Pelvic Alignment - Mike Reinold

A Quick and Easy Way to Assess Pelvic Alignment

Alignment is an important part of our assessment process and one of the many topics in the upcoming FST for the Lower Body Program.

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