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perfect squat form

Is Perfect Squat Form a Myth?

I often work with many people that are trying to squat with perfect form, or least what they believe is “perfect form.” The quest for “perfect squat form” probably isn’t that simple.

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Base of Support

Base of Support and Core Stability

Building athletes isn’t always just about strength and power, it’s also about movement quality and control. Watch for compensations at the base of support for signs of poor lumbopelvic and core stability.

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Band Resisted Horizontal Abduction with a Press

A New Exercise for Shoulder, Scapula, and Core Control

Here is an exercise that works shoulder, scapula, & core control. I’m a fan of exercises that promote strength & stability in one exercise.

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Enhancing Overhead Shoulder Mobility

Enhancing Overhead Shoulder Mobility

Overhead shoulder mobility is one of the things that a large majority of people could all improve on if addressed appropriately.

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strategies for anterior pelvic tilt

Strategies for Anterior Pelvic Tilt

This month’s Inner Circle webinar was on Strategies for Anterior Pelvic Tilt. I go through my system of how I integrate manual therapy, self-myofascial release, stretching, and correcting exercises.

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true hip flexor stretch

The True Hip Flexor Stretch

The hip flexor stretch has become a very popular stretch in the fitness and sports performance world, and rightly so considering how many people live their lives in anterior pelvic tilt. However, this seems to be one of those stretches that I see a lot of people either performing incorrectly or too aggressively.

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Concussion Treatment convergence insufficiency

Concussion Treatment: Convergence Insufficiency

How to assess and treat the visual system for convergency insufficiency following concussion.

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cueing the core during shoulder elevation

Cueing the Core to Enhance Shoulder Elevation

Here is a quick video showing how someone may hyperextend the spine with simple arm elevation exercises, such as a full can exercises, and how cueing them to engage their core corrects the movement.

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