18 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

These days, we are all connected more and more each day through the internet and social media.  I meet people all the time that I feel I “know” because of our interactions online.  Many of you have been following my work for over a decade.  I wanted to give you an opportunity to learn a little more about me.  This should be fun…

  1. I never bought my Neuro and Pedi textbooks in college – I used the book money to buy James Andrews and Kevin Wilk’s textbook Injuries in Baseball.  I just went to the library a lot that semester.
  2. NHL95 MegaDrive - NHL 95 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaI’m not good with heights – My wife says I giggle like Butthead on a roller coaster.
  3. I’m a big fan of craft beer – Specifically west coast IPAs.  Current favorite is Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA.
  4. I’m really good at NHL 95 on the Sega Genesis – I’m not sure why but I can score 20 goals without trying.
  5. I started playing guitar in my 30’s – I remember wanting to learn something new that could stimulate my brain that wasn’t related to PT or strength training.  I was thinking guitar or Spanish.  I love music, so picked guitar.  Man, that was a bad first month but I remember the first time I played a song I liked and could recognize it, the beginning of Pearl Jam’s Corduroy.  I was sold.  I’ve been working on Yellow Ledbetter for a couple of years now, getting there!
  6. I failed the Athletic Trainer boards the first time – This one is for all the students.  Yup, I failed.  At the time there was a practical portion.  I flip flopped Adson’s and Allen’s TOS tests and I didn’t imaginarily “wet” the sponges for the carbon ESTIM pads.  This was obviously a long time ago.  I reminded the examiners that sponges were no longer something we could use because each patient needed their own set of ESTIM pads, we couldn’t reuse the sponges for sanitary reasons.  They didn’t seem to care.
  7. I’m really good at fantasy football – This just probably comes down to the fact I put the time in each week.  This was the first year I wasn’t in a fantasy Superbowl, but my team in the Champion Fantasy League was one of my all time favorites.  I think I had almost 400 points more than the next best team.  Lost to Lenny Macrina and missed the Superbowl.  FanDuel has been an awesome addition to my Fantasy life.
  8. I’ve turned down jobs with several MLB teams – Both before and after the Red Sox.  These were extremely hard decisions but they always work out if you make the decision for the right reasons.  It was really hard to turn down Theo Epstein, who I think is brilliant and the best person I’ve ever had the opportunity to work under.
  9. I’ve got two awesome daughters – Every guy should have a daughter.  I got two.  See above reference to the “right reasons.”
  10. I think everyone should own three things – 1) TempurPedic pillow, 2) Sonicare Toothbrush, and 3) Smart Wool socks.  Just saying…
  11. 2007-world-seriesI’ve won a Little League, Pony League, Adult Recreational Softball League, and World Series Championship – Sure, the last one probably puts it over the edge, but I’m proud of it all, especially the walk-off bunt in Little League when I was 10.
  12. I’ve sat in the gas chamber in San Quentin – It was off, obviously.  We went on an inside tour of the prison once.  Not sure why I did it.  It seemed like a good off day at the time, but was super creepy.  Felt too close to evil.
  13. You can’t beat me in Fruit Ninja – Another odd skill that serves me no benefit in life.
  14. I’ve wrestled in a WWE ring – We rehabbed a lot of WWE athletes in Birmingham and actually installed an offical ring in the biomechanics lab at ASMI when rehabbing Triple H.  I’ll dispel the rumor that the rings are padded, it’s like a 1 cm pad on top of straight wood.  But jumping off the ropes like Superfly Snuka was worth it.
  15. I’ve been on stage with Jason Aldean – I’ve done a lot of cool things over the years.  I’ve been on the mound in the middle of a game in Yankee Stadium.  I’ve run on the field after winning a World Series.  They don’t come close to being onstage at a rock concert.YouTube Preview Image
  16. I wrote a proposal for the first dual major PT/ATC program – I was a freshman at Northeastern University.  It was ~10 pages outline how I would pull off the dual major, still pay per credit to make the university money, an graduate with both degrees.  They didn’t go for it and I’m pretty sure they thought I was crazy.  It was probably a good thing because that would have been hard!
  17. 20081129_pearlJamOriginalxI have really sensitive boney prominences – Don’t even think about touching my ASIS’s, I’ll literally punch you in the face.  It’s a reflex.
  18. I’ve been in the Pearl Jam vault – You can probably tell I’m a big Pearl Jam fan.  I’ve been extremely fortunate to get to hang out with them several times, including in Seattle.  I held the original recordings of every take of Alive.  I wanted to listen to them all.

It feels good to get all that off my chest!

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Guys, I know you have heard from me about how valuable this program is, but it is far more powerful to hear from people that have gone through the course.  Our post course evaluation form shows that 99% of attendees would recommend this to a friend and would be interested in joining future programs.  That is an awesome response!   There are a boatload of testimonials on the ShoulderSeminar.com website, but here are a few testimonials from people that really stuck out for me:

  • “Mike: I want personally thank you for presenting this course; your passion is very evident and appreciated. This is by far the BEST online course I have completed. It is very practical and I look forward to integrating the concepts into practice.” -Dan Schmutz DPT, ATC
  • “This course was very stimulating and easy to follow. I never felt overwhelmed because it was taught at a comfortable pace. I was able to learn a little and then use it the very next day in the clinic.” -Robert Long, York, PA.
  • “Possibly the best and most comprehensive Shoulder seminar that you can have—-Don’t be left behind.” – JDM , Rockford,Illinois.
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Reinold-ReligiosoAs a nice surprise for our 1 year anniversary, Erson Religioso and I are offering our online course teaching you Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization at IASTMtechnique.com for special price.  We are completely humbled by the great response we have received about the course and are proud to be helping people learn IASTM in a simple and affordable system.  We created this course to offer a solution to the overpriced and complicated courses currently teaching IASTM.

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  • “Drs. Reinold and Religioso have complied a course that consists of easily digestible research and practical application, that a busy clinician will find not only helpful, but flexible and ultimately USEFUL! Thank you for creating this course, I found it very helpful to both me and my patients.”  Brad Banker, PT, DPT, NCS
  • iastm-box“After taking this CEU course I believe I am ready to start performing IASTM. I am new to IASTM and feel as though it will be a great adjunct to my current treatment techniques. I have been itching to start performing IASTM on my patients since beginning this course. I liked learning about new and different perspectives to evaluation and treatment that were presented in this course and that can be used with IASTM. Overall I believe this was a great course.” Erica Smith, PT, DPT – Upper Sandusky, OH
  • “When I first came in contact with IASTM I was eager to learn more. So I started looking on the web for courses in my country when I found out about this website. As there are any courses regarding IASTM available in my own country I decided to take the shot and follow this course. This was the first paid online course I’ve attended. To be honest the course is great. I learned a lot about some (scientific) background using IASTM and also a lot of techniques to work with while in working in the field. I didn’t find it hard to follow the course and had a lot of fun with it. I even decided to order the lubricate and EDGE tool to work with. Turns out that they’re great for me. I already recommended this to my colleagues and close friends and they are most likely to participate in this course as well. Thanks for the well set up course. I will get back to this website to look some things up in the near future again to further enhance my skills and I’ll definitely go study more regarding fasciae and IASTM. Thanks so much!”  Joris van Hulten PT, B
  • best IASTM tools“Excellent course for beginning IASTM. Covered background, tools, theory, techniques and advanced topics. Highly recommend this course! I began practicing and implementing the techniques immediately.”  M.T., DPT – Denver, CO
  • “This program gave me insight to the research behind the IASTM technique as well as simple strategies to begin incorporating IASTM into my daily treatments. I think my elite athletic population will benefit greatly from IASTM and will work well with some of my time constraints often faced with professional athletes. This will also work well for the small percentage of my patients that cannot tolerate FDN.”  Rebecca Arce, DPT COMT, Resident PT for Carolina Ballet, Raleigh, NC


Special Offer This Week Only

To celebrate out 1-year anniversary of the program, we are taking $30 of the price of the online course.  You get access to all of our program teaching you the basics of IASTM, as well as advanced techniques.  Plus, we have partnered with several IASTM tool manufacturers to offer discounts on their tools for our course participants!  After you start the program, there is a whole section on how to pick the right tool for you and your budget (some for less than $10!).

The program is on sale for $99.99 until Friday September 5th at midnight EST – No exceptions!  Click the below link to start learning today!

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What I Have Been Up To Lately

As the summer continues to fly past us, I wanted to update everyone with what I been doing lately.  You may have noticed that I am writing a little less here.  I’ve been writing on this website for 6 years and have posted nearly twice a week the entire time!  Trust me, when I don’t have an article going up here on a Monday morning, it feels weird to me too!


Champion Physical Therapy and Performance

Champion Physical Therapy and Performance

As many of you know, I finally opened my own physical therapy and performance center, Champion Physical Therapy and Performance.  This has been many years in the making, but is now finally coming together.  I have convinced my old friend and former student, Lenny Macrina, to come back home and join me after nearly a decade in Birmingham, AL working for renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews.  We’ve put together a great team by adding strength coaches Malcolm Goodridge and Rob Sutton to the team, who both bring great experience and skills to the table.

Together, we are building an integrated approach to elite level physical therapy, personal training, and performance training that is like no other.  We are taking our combined decades of experience working with professional athletes and building a similar integrated model for everyone!  Not only do we plan on offering the best physical therapy in Boston, but also the best personal training in Boston and the best sports performance in Boston.

We’ve only been open 1 month and have really avoided advertising at this point, relying solely on word of mouth referrals.  So, please help out and follow us on social media to help spread the word:

The good news for you is that I am going to be offering a lot more educational offerings going forward, including more seminars, internships, and fellowships.  Plus, we are really building out our systems of how Champion does business, which we’ll be sharing as well.  Sharing and educating others is one of our big core values at Champion.  Should be fun!


New Blog at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance

As part of this core value dedicated to educating others, we have officially started a blog on the Champion website.  There will be posts from the entire team, including myself, discussing a variety of rehab, health, fitness, and performance topics.  Our first article on 3 Coaching Cues for Change of Direction Skill in Athletes by strength coach Malcolm Goodridge is up today!

Please check it out and sign up to receive our updates:

Inner Circle Webinars

Despite posting here a little less (but that will go back to normal again eventually…), I have still be updating my Inner Circle webinars each month.  This month’s live webinar is Monday July 28 at 8:30 PM EST.  The presentation will be on Designing Functional Rehabilitation Programs.  In this webinar, I overview the systemized approach to rehab that we are building at Champion to perform advanced functional rehabilitation programs.  I’ll use a case example of a ACL reconstruction patient that is less then 4 weeks out of surgery.  You’ll see exactly how and why I develop this patient’s program, and it’s not a bunch of quad sets and straight leg raises…  This is the future of functional rehab.


Upcoming Speaking Events

In addition to all this, I am getting my presentations ready to present at a few conferences.  This is a great chance to see me live, and to stop by and say hello!  Here is where I’ll be in the next few months, all are really great conferences:

  • August 1-2, 2014 – Lexington, KY – The Shoulder Center of Kentucky 17th Annual Shoulder Symposium.  This is Dr. Ben Kibler’s course and an honor to be invited.  This year the focus is on cases and controversies in the Management of the overhead athlete.
  • September 26-27, 2014 – Louisville, KY – The Elite Fitness and Performance Summit.  This is going to be a blast, there are a ton of great speakers covering such as awesome variety of topics that I am just as excited to attend as I am to present!  Plus Louisville is actually a pretty fun place, so this should be a good educational and social event.
  • October 24-25, 2014 – Boston, MA – Boston Sports Medicine Symposium.  This is Dr. Alan Curtis’ course and what I would consider the best sports medicine conference in Boston with an amazing lineup of physicians, surgeons, and therapists speaking.





The Funny Things Our Patients Say

Today’s guest post comes from frequent contributor Trevor Winnegge.  Trevor shares a great, and fun, article on some of the funny things our patients and clients say!  I thought it would be good to mix it up and have a fun article on here!  Even better, I threw in a funny pic of a dog that looks like it is laughing, what a week (photo credit)!  More importantly, Trevor just starts the discussion, please comment and share some of your “Funny Things Our Patients Say” too!


The Funny Things Our Patients Say

Funny Things Our Patients SayAs I Listened to my partial medial menisectomy patient describe his injury to another patient, I had to chuckle to myself. “I blew out my knee. The doctor had to do a complete reconstruction of my meniscus and cartilage.”  It was this statement that lead me to think of the funny things we, as physical therapists, hear on a day to day basis. And it inspired me to write this guest post today.


Rotor Cup

Anyone who has worked in an outpatient setting treating shoulders has no doubt heard this one. Instead of a patient saying rotator cuff, we hear “rotor cup”, “rotatory cup”, “rotor cuff”.  It always comes up and puts us therapists in an awkward position. Do we correct them and say “it is actually called the rotator cuff”? We run the risk of the patient thinking we are rude for correcting them. However, if we use their words and refer to it as “rotor cup”, now others in the room or in society think we are crazy. I always tactfully correct, but still laugh to myself when I hear it.  This never gets old.



Just last week, I evaluated a patient with a fractured fibula. Upon evaluation, I ask the patient “So how did you break your ankle?” I was quickly corrected not once, but twice by the patient. First, they said “I didn’t break my bone, I fractured it.” Well then, I stand corrected. So much for putting it into laymans terms for the patient. What came next was even more priceless, “And it wasn’t my ankle, it was this bone here (pointing), the fibia”. Ahh yes, the fibia. My mistake.


Simply the worst

Another of my favorite patient quotes is “the doctor said it was the worst (insert injury here) they have ever seen.”  Some patients like to glorify their injury, and wear it like a badge of honor. Telling people the doctor has never seen worse is a good way to glorify it for sure.


These are just a few of the MANY funny things we hear on a daily basis from our patients. I encourage everyone to comment on this post with their favorite patient-isms. This should be a fun post! I look forward to reading all of them!


Trevor WinneggeTrevor Winnegge PT,DPT,MS,OCS,CSCS  has been practicing PT for over 13 years. He graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelors in PT and a Master of Science Degree. He also graduated from Temple University with a Doctor of physical therapy degree. He is a board certified specialist in orthopedics and also a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He is adjunct faculty at Northeastern University, teaching courses in orthopedics and differential diagnosis. He currently practices at Sturdy Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Associates in Attleboro MA, where he treats many orthopedic and sports medicine patients.


Ask Me Anything This Week

facebookYou’d never guess how many emails from people asking questions that I receive on a daily basis.  I tend to respond to 99% of them (sorry if you were the 1%…).  There are so many great questions that I wanted to have a formal live Q&A, sort of like an “ask my anything” session, so that everyone can learn from each other’s questions.

I’m swamped right now preparing for the release of Eric Cressey and I’s latest educational product Functional Stability Training for the Upper Body (it comes out next week!!!), so rather than write an article for today, I thought I would host a live Q&A this week.

Join me this Wednesday night, May 7th, at 8:30 PM EST on my Facebook page.  I’ll be online and will start a thread to “ask me anything.”

Here is the link to my Facebook page:


Hope you can attend!


All My Programs on Sale for Black Friday All Week!

With Thanksgiving coming in just a few days, I wanted to take a moment to thank all my readers.

Thanks for following this website and supporting my educational programs.

Thanks for continuing to help this website grow and improve.

Thanks for being part of this great community of like-minded rehab and fitness professionals and enthusiast.

Thanks for all the dialogue and discussion on this website and social media so we all learn and grow.

Thanks Everyone!

thank you

In addition to saying thanks, I think it is important to also give back to the community of readers on this site.  I was talking with Eric Cressey a couple of weeks ago and we discussed putting our products on sale for Black friday again this year, however, we both thought it would be even better to have an entire week of savings instead of just Black Friday!  (photo by Ell Brown)

I want to take this a step further and offer discounts on ALL of my products from now until the end of the day next Monday (midnight EST), which is Cyber Monday.  Keep reading to find out how to get everything I offer at a reduced price.


Everything At Least 20% Off!

Below you will find links to all of my products with discounts of at least 20% off.  Please note, some discounts require you clicking a specific link or using a specific coupon code.  Please read below carefully.  Also, if you are purchasing an online product, please purchase one at a time as you will need to create a unique login for each program.


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20% off my online educational program with Erson Religioso teaching you how we use Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM).  Learn how to quickly and easily start using an effective manual therapy technique, plus it is now CEU approved through the NATA and APTA of MA.  Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2013 in the shopping cart.  Click the link below to go to the page:



$150 off ShoulderSeminar.com, my 8-week online CEU program on Recent Advances in the Evidence-Based Evaluation and Treatment of the Shoulder.  This program is my critically acclaimed online program worth 20 CEUs with the NATA, NSCA, and APTA of MA.  No coupon required but you have to use this link:


Inner Circle

My Inner Circle program offers exclusive content and monthly webinars on the latest topics in rehab and training.  You get access to all my past and future webinars for one low monthly price.  No coupon required but you have to use this link:



RehabWebinars.com is a premium website filled with over 100 webinars from the top experts in the field of physical therapy, athletic training, strength and conditioning, fitness, sports medicine, biomechanics, manual therapy, and orthopedic surgery.  With hours of content and more coming every month, this website is packed with information.  No coupon required but you have to use this link: