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5 Things We Can All Learn From Derek Jeter

5 Things We Can All Learn from Derek Jeter

As we move on today as the first official day in the last 20 years that Derek Jeter is not a professional baseball player, keep these 5 principles in mind. Yankee fan or not, there are plenty of things we can all learn from Jeter’s amazing career.

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One Step Back to Take Two Steps Forward

Taking a step back to take two steps forward doesn’t have to be negative. It’s still progress. Here are a few ways I incorporate this concept into my training, rehabilitation, and even personal development.

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Assess Don’t Assume

The assessment process may be the most important thing you can do. Without it, we are just guessing. Assess, don’t assume.

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rehabilitation protocols

The Use of Rehabilitation Protocols in Physical Therapy

While rehabilitation protocols are an important aspect of postoperative rehabilitation, physical therapists are not using their brains! We should not follow a rehabilitation protocol without thought, that is not “skilled” physical therapy.

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evidence based practice light system

How to Best Integrate Evidence Based Practice

When I teach students and young clinicians how to begin integrating evidence based practice, I always begin discussing what I call the evidence-based practice light system. Using this system, it becomes clear very quickly what techniques you should absolutely perform and not perform.

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dale carnegie approach to assessments

The Dale Carnegie Approach to Assessments

You are making a big mistake if you are not applying the Dale Carnegie approach to your assessments.

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physical therapist personal trainer collaboration

Collaboration Between Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers

I’ll be one of the first people to admit that I truly feel that I have become a better therapist by learning from and collaborating with many great personal trainers and strength coaches. Learn how we maximize our collaboration between physical therapists and personal trainers.

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social media more clients

Choosing a Social Media Platform to Get More Clients

With many social media options available, there are factors to consider when designing your online presence to hit your target audience.

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