Learn the Champion Performance Therapy and Training System! [Save 20%]

champion pt and performance educationI am super excited to announce that we have just released an online version of our Champion Performance Therapy and Training Seminar that we filmed earlier this summer!

The seminar was AWESOME, with a great turnout of people from all around the country coming to Boston to learn how we integrate performance training and therapy at Champion.  But, we know that there were 100’s of people that wanted to attend that couldn’t make it that weekend, so we wanted to provide an online version of the program!


Champion Performance Therapy and Training Program

Champion Performance Therapy and Training SeminarThe Champion Performance Therapy and Training Seminar is an online educational product designed to overview the Champion system of integrated rehabilitation, fitness, and sports performance training for physical therapists, personal trainers, strength coaches and other rehabilitation and fitness specialists.  The program includes 9 modules and over 6 hours of live lectures and hands-on sessions from the entire team at Champion:

  • Introduction to the Champion System of Integrated Rehab and Performance – Mike Reinold
  • Optimizing Movement – Mike Reinold
  • Developing Strength and Power – Rob Sutton
  • Enhancing Speed and Agility – Malcolm Goodridge
  • Performance Therapy: Movement-Based Functional Rehabilitation – Lenny Macrina
  • Assessing and Optimizing Movement (Hands-On Session) – Mike Reinold and Lenny Macrina
  • Progressing and Regressing Movement-Based Strength Exercises (Hands-On Session) – Rob Sutton
  • Speed and Agility Drills (Hand-On Session) – Malcolm Goodridge
  • Plus tons of demonstrations and live Q&A Sessions

This is a HUGE resource for physical therapists, personal trainers, and strength coaches looking to enhance their skills and develop a well rounded program of performance therapy and training.

Personal trainers, strength coaches, and other fitness specialists will learn the concepts behind the Champion program design system, including how we select, regress, progress, and periodize exercises based on movement patterns to enhance performance.  You’ll learn how we emphasize developing complete athleticism by enhancing mobility, strength, power, speed, and agility.

Physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists will learn our concepts of movement-based rehabilitation, included strategies to assess movement dysfunctions and prescribe appropriate manual therapy and corrective exercises.  We emphasize a hands-on approach that includes a thorough biomechanical assessment of how the body moves and functions to determine what specific muscle imbalances and movement impairments may be leading to dysfunction or limiting performance.  We then offer an individualized approach that produces amazing results.

But what I like most about our model at Champion is that we integrate our rehab and fitness systems.

Fitness specialists will benefit from learning how we integrate rehabilitation concepts into our programs to develop appropriate self-myofascial release, mobility, and corrective exercise programs.  Likewise, rehabilitation specialists will benefit from learning how we integrate performance training concepts to understand how to integrate appropriate strength and conditioning concepts into advanced rehabilitation programs.


Save 20% Until November 1st

The program is normally $99.99 but is on sale for 20% until November 1st at midnight EST.  Get 9 modules and over 6 hours of content for only $79.99 this week.

Click below to learn more about the program and save 20%:

Order Champion Seminar




Black Friday Deals – Up to 50% Off Everything Starts Today!

It’s that time of year again!  The holidays are about to start!  As you start planning which stores you’ll be going to at midnight on Black Friday, I want you to be able to get a head start and announce that our annual Black Friday sale starts today and boy do we have some amazing discounts on all of of our products and websites!

Please see below for all the different discounts ranging from 25% to 50% off!  The sale begins today and runs until the end of the day on Cyber Monday, which is midnight EST on Monday 12/1/14.  Pay attention as most of the below will require you to use a special coupon code at checkout.  Happy shopping everyone!


Black Friday Deals


25% Off all My Products with Eric Cressey

Functional Stability Training for the Upper BodyEric and I are putting all of our products on sale for 25% off, including all of our Functional Stability Training programs and our Optimal Shoulder Performance DVD.  This even includes our latest, Functional Stability Training of the Upper Body, as well as the past FST’s of the Core and Lower Body.  Your best bet to save is definitely to take advantage of the 25% discount with the complete FST bundle!

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25% Off All My Products with Kevin Wilk

Kevin Wilk Shoulder DVDsKevin and I are also putting all of our products on sale for 25% off!  This includes our rehab protocols and DVDs on the examination and treatment of the shoulder and knee, as well as Kevin’s new DVDs on the rehab of shoulder instability and rotator cuff injuries.

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25% Off IASTMtechnique.com

IASTM toolKeeping, the theme consistent, Erson Religioso and I are offering 25% off our online course teaching you how to perform instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization at IASTMtechnique.com.

Use coupon code BF2014 at checkout:



25% Off ShoulderSeminar.com

ShoulderSeminar-comFor those that missed my massive sale in the fall on my acclaimed online program teaching you exactly how I evaluate and treat the shoulder, you are in luck.  I’m going to offer 25% off this as well at ShoulderSeminar.com

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50% Off RehabWebinars.com

RehabWebinars-comLast but certainly not least, we are going to offer a HUGE 50% discount on a yearly membership to RehabWebinars.com, which has a mind blowing amount of awesome webinars from the best in our fields.  You won’t be disappointed.  The normal price is $199 a year but if you use the link below, you can get 1 full year and access to all the past webinars for $99.  After the 1st year you’ll start recurring the $199/year membership fee until you cancel.

There is no coupon code, you must use the link below:



Pelvic Tilt, Developing Athleticism, and Functional Strength Coach

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Michael Boyle and Jim Ronai.


Inner Circle Updates

My last live Inner Circle webinar on Corrective Strategies for Anterior Pelvic Tilt is now available online.  In this webinar I will overview how I approach working with someone with an anterior pelvic tilt, including some of my manual techniques and corrective exercises.

This month’s exclusive product discount for Inner Circle members is 25% off my program teaching you how to perform instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) at IASTMtechnique.com.  IASTM is an easy, affordable, and effective treatment option that doesn’t have to require extensive training or $3000 tools.

The program is 6 hours long, is eligible for CEUs through the NATA and APTA of MA, and is entirely online and accessible on any internet connected device.  Plus, my coauthor Erson Religioso has offered my Inner Circle members 10% off his Edge IASTM tool as well!

Congrats to this months winner of free access: Jodie Krantz from Australia



RehabWebinars.com Updates

RehabWebinars.com has a new presentation on The Fundamentals of Developing Athleticism by Jim Ronai, MS, PT, ATC, CSCS.  This is great overview on how to design and implement programs to develop youth athletes.



Functional Strength Coach 5.0

functional strength coach 5Michael Boyle has just released his latest DVD package Functional Strength Coach 5.0.  If you’ve followed any of Michael’s past Functional Strength Coach programs, you know that the content is always top notch.  What I like is that Boyle keeps it fresh and presents an update on his current thoughts and how he applies them to programming his athletes.  For the young strength coaches and personal trainers out there, this is a must have.

There is a special discount available now but it ends tomorrow (Friday April 24th, 2014):



Kevin Wilk’s New Rotator Cuff Injury DVD

I am excited to announce that AdvancedCEU has just released Kevin Wilk’s brand new DVD on the Current Concepts in the Treatment of Rotator Cuff Injuries.

Kevin Wilk Rotator Cuff DVD

If you follow me and my website, then I am sure you know Kevin well.  Kevin has an amazing ability to take a ton of research and apply it to what we need to know clinically.

This is the second in a series of new DVDs from Kevin that are dedicated to specific clinical pathologies, he previously released a DVD on Shoulder Instability last spring.


Current Concepts in the Treatment of Rotator Cuff Injuries

There are 3-DVDs of almost 4 hours of content from Kevin Wilk, one of the leading clinicians when it comes to treating disorders of the shoulder.  This DVD set is great in that it reviews the most current concepts, techniques, and specific principles associated with both nonoperative and postoperative rehabilitation of rotator cuff injuries.

The DVDs were recorded during a recent live seminar, which I love because you get to see Kevin teaching in action.  This is where he is at his best, interacting with a group of people.

The DVD is regularly priced at $79.95 but is on sale for the release for only $69.95 this week ONLY (until end of day Sunday January 26th at midnight EST).  You can also save another $20 by purchasing both DVDs together.

Click below for more information, Kevin’s new DVD:

Kevin Wilk Shoulder DVDsClick Here –> Kevin Wilk DVD – Current Concepts in the Treatment of Rotator Cuff Injuries

Act now, the special $69.95 sale price only lasts until Sunday January 26th!



Functional Stability Training for the Lower Body

I am super excited to announce that Eric Cressey and I’s latest product, Functional Stability Training for the Lower Body, is now available!  Last year, we released the first module in our Functional Stability Training system, FST for the Core, which was hugely popular.  Since then, Eric and I get weekly, almost daily, emails asking when more FST products were going to become available.  Well, FST for the Lower Body is finally here!


Functional Stability Training for the Lower Body

Functional-Stability-Training-Lower-BodyFST for the Lower Body is a comprehensive program that combines the way I approach my rehabilitation programs with how Eric approaches his strength and performance programs.  We talk about a ton of topics that merge our philosophies.

Functional Stability Training for the Lower Body takes a hard look at the lower extremity and how to most effectively optimize function.  By addressing alignment, strength, mobility, and dynamic motor control, you can maximize your rehabilitation and training programs to reach optimal performance.

The lower extremities work in conjunction with the core to provide mobility, strength, and power to the entire body.  Any deficits throughout the lower body’s kinetic chain can lead to injury, dysfunction, and a decrease in performance.  FST for the Lower Body aims to help formulate rehabilitation and training programs designed to optimize how the lower body functions.


The FST for the Lower Body program can be applied to rehabilitation, injury prevention, and performance enhancement programs.

For the rehabilitation specialist, the information will help you restore functional activities faster.  For the fitness and performance specialists, the information will help you achieve new progress with your clients to maximize functional and athletic potential.  For the fitness enthusiast, the information will help you gain control of your lower body, maximize functional movement, and reduce wear and tear due to faulty movement patterns.

Here is the outline of presentations and lab demonstrations in the program:

  1. Training the Hip for FST for the Lower Body
  2. Assessing Lower Body Alignment and Movement
  3. Preparing the Adductors for Health and Performance
  4. Hip Internal Rotation Deficits: Why You Have Them and What to Do About Them
  5. Training the Foot and Ankle for FST for the Lower Body
  6. Understanding and Implementing Neuromuscular Control Progressions into your Programs
  7. How to Integrate Neuromuscular Control Progressions
  8. 15 Things I’ve Learned About the Deadlift
  9. Developing Lower Extremity Strength and Power Outside the Sagittal Plane


We’ve had some great reviews so far, here is one example:

YouTube Preview Image


I honestly feel the FST for the Lower Body may be our best product yet, so if you have seen FST for the Core or Optimal Shoulder Performance, you are definitely going to want to go through the FST for the Lower Body program as well.


Special Discount Price This Week Only!

FST for the Lower Body is available now as a fully online educational product with the option of purchasing the DVDs.  There is a special discount price of $79.95  this week only so head over to FunctionalStability.com and learn more.  This is a great deal and more than the half of the price of what you’d normally pay for seminar of this quality.  The special price is only available until the end of the weekend.

Functional Stability Training for the Lower Body

[button link=”http://functionalstability.com” size=”large” color=”orange”]Get FST for the Lower Body Now![/button]


Integrating the FMS into Group Training

Integrating the FMS into Group Training

I have a pretty special post today that includes an interview of Steve Long, one of the co-founders of Smart Group Training, discussing how to integrate the FMS in group training.  More exciting, Steve was willing to give an exclusive discount on their Smart Group Training Assessment product for my readers only!

Steve and I have been chatting about stuff for a little bit and I was really impressed with how he and Jared Woolever created the Smart Group Training system.  As a physical therapist, I have always felt that one of the draw backs of the group training format was the lack of individualization.  Steve and Jared have essentially systemized an approach that solves this problem!

I have watched their latest DVD and definitely recommend it, especially with the special discount for my readers.



MR: Tell us what exactly is Smart Group Training and what made you want to create SGT?

SL: “That is a really great question actually. Smart Group Training is many things really. It’s a training system, an educational website, educational products, workshops, etc, but more importantly it’s a movement. It’s a movement towards increasing the quality of group fitness training, and a movement towards increasing the communication between trainers, strength coaches, and clinicians.

Myself and business partner Jared Woolever had been doing 1 on 1 and semi private training for many years when we decided to open up “bootcamp classes”.  We knew there were a lot of great benefits for clients mainly the price and atmosphere, but the quality of training was just not as good as semi private.

We knew from that point, that we had to either cut bootcamp or make it just as quality as semi private training. We dedicated ourselves to creating the best group training system available, and that is how Smart Group Training was born.  We just didn’t know at the time, what it would really end up becoming.

Our first product, Smart Group Training Volume 1 – Screening and Corrective Exercise, came about because so many people were asking us about our training systems, and how we incorporated the FMS into bootcamps. We created the product for our friends, and it has started to explode.”



MR: The corner-stone of the SGT system is the FMS.  I like how you integrate a system to customize the large group training programs.  Since you have probably seen 1000’s of FMS scores over the years, what do you tend to find are the most common deficits you see?

SL: “It probably won’t surprise you to find out that we see a lot more mobility issues with men, and more stability issues with women. So we find that a lot of the men start with 1’s on the Active Straight Leg Raise and Shoulder Mobility. We will typically see women start with 1’s on the Rotary Stability, Trunk Stability Push Up and the Deep Squat.

Almost everyone starts with a 1 in the following:

  • Active Straight Leg Raise
  • Shoulder Mobility
  • Rotary Stability
  • Trunk Stability Push up

These are the foundational movements that we spend the most time working on by far. These movements must be cleared before moving on to the functional movements like lunging, stepping, and squatting.”



MR: What are your top corrective strategies to address these common findings? 

SL: “The biggest thing is to make sure that people stop doing exercises or actions that could make it worse. Then we give them a corrective exercise strategy to correct the pattern. We find the weakest link on the FMS Hierarchy and attack that pattern with corrective exercise. We have the client do 1 or 2 exercises. Those exercises should be done pre workout, during the workout, and 1-2 times per day outside of training sessions. Some examples of exercises we use to correct the bottom four are:

  • ASLR: Pelvic tilts, pelvis repositioning, Leg lowering progressions, toe touch progressions
  • SM: Breathing, ribcage repositioning, reachbacks, cat cow, wall slides
  • RS: Rolling, bird dog progressions
  • TSPU: Elevated push ups, band assisted pushups”



MR: In your experience how long does it take to start seeing improvements in your clients’ FMS scores?

SL: “Our goal is to see changes in the first session. That’s definitely not always the case, but many times it is. Typically we want to have each movement limitation cleared within a few weeks at the most. If it takes longer than that we refer out.  The screen usually points you to the right spot to make sure that we are correcting in the right order. Most people who have issues with the correctives not working are not following the hierarchy.

For example, sometimes one set of leg lowering will clear a clients ASLR deficiency forever, and sometimes they have pathology that caused it to never be a 2 or 3.  Generally speaking however, it usually takes a couple of weeks.”



MR: What kind of carryover do you see in your clients’ general fitness goals by individualizing their programs and developing corrective strategies based on the FMS? 

SL:“They blast through plateaus! Clearing movement dysfunctions allows the clients to do things they couldn’t do before, it keeps them injury free, and a lot of times takes people out of a “high threshold life” which lowers cortisol and helps with fat loss. Moving good and feeling good, are huge for general population, and the FMS helps us with that.”


MR: When will we be seeing more SGT products?

SL: “We have so much great stuff coming out this year. I can’t even begin to explain how excited both Jared and myself are to get this stuff out!  We have asked thousands of trainers, PT, chiros, and strength coaches what they need, and we are producing it. We have close to TEN great products coming out this year.

A lot of the stuff that we are doing this year is based around program design and giving people “done for you” programs that you can use immediately.

Over the next few months, keep an eye out for:

  • Group Training University: Basically and MBA on starting and running a group training business.
  • SGT 365: This is an entire year of done for you group training program design based on the FMS, and SGT training systems.

These are our next two products that will be available over the next few months, but like I said, we have a lot of great stuff coming out all year-long. Check out our blog, and get on our newsletter list to stay up to date with everything that Smart Group Training is doing”.

Special $50 Discount for My Readers

Steve and Jared were nice enough to give me a special discount code for my readers to get $50 off their Smart Group Training Assessments DVD program.  Click the link or image below and be sure enter coupon code MR50 in the shopping cart to receive $50 off.  This is a limited time offer for this week only!  The discount ends at the end of the day Sunday.

Smart Group Training

Click here to purchase Smart Group Training Assessment DVD for $50 OFF



Steve has made quite a name for himself in the fitness industry, achieving many awards and acknowledgements for his accomplishments. He has trained a variety of clients ranging from ages 6 to 80 in 8+ years in the fitness and performance industry. He assists clients in many aspects of health, fitness, weight loss, performance training, nutrition, and more. Steve is known for his practical approach to training and blending the many benefits of corrective exercise into highly metabolic conditioning and fat loss programs. Among other things, Steve specializes in functional fat loss, sports performance, golf fitness, injury prevention/post rehabilitation, kettlebell training, and lifestyle coaching. Steve has been mentored by, and continues to learn from the best professionals in the industry, bringing the most cutting edge programs to his clients and fitness trainers worldwide.

Learn more at SmartGroupTraining.com.




Best iPad Apps for Physical Therapy

The iPad is truly an amazing and powerful device that can really be helpful when using specifically designed apps for physical therapy.  Below are 7 iPad apps that I use everyday and find really useful in the clinical setting.  These aren’t designed just for physical therapy, and can be helpful for many rehabilitation, fitness, and manual therapy specialties.

Clicking any of the titles below will take you to the iTunes app store for more information.


VisibleBody – 3D Muscular Premium Anatomy

VisibleBody’s muscle anatomy app is really impressive.  The detailes of each muscle look great on the iPad, however the ability to rotate, title, shift and move in any direction to look at the anatomy from any angle is priceless.  This is probably my favorite anatomy app at the moment.  You can also selectively remove muscles and fade muscles to get a sense of depth and how different muscles are positioned.  Here is a video demo of the app:

YouTube Preview Image




I used PocketBody for a long time before I found VisibleBody.  PocketBody is another great anatomy app.  Unlike VisibleBody, you can not freely zoom, rotate, and pan around the body to see the anatomy from any angle.  However, PocketBody excels at showing you the depth of anatomy, taking back layer by layer to see how each interacts.  This app really reminds me of the old Primal Pictures anatomy DVDs that were so popular in the past.

If you have to pick one, I would go with the VisibleBody Muscular Anatomy app above, however, I use both routinely together as the features of each really compliment one another.



Muscle Trigger Points

Muscle Trigger Points is an anatomy app that discusses trigger points in detail.  You can select any muscle you would like and see a detailed explanation and photo of common trigger points and referral patterns.  I’ve found the app to be pretty accurate and a valuable resource to help find and treat trigger points, if that is your thing.

I had a hard time finding a video clip demo of this app for some reason.  Here is a screenshot from my iPad.  I’ll try to embed a demo video below too but at the time of publishing this was giving me a glitch:

Trigger Points App



iOrtho+ is a comprehensive resource of over 200 orthopedic special tests and 88 joint mobilization techniques.  There are a good amount of references available with links to journal abstracts to define the efficacy of each procedure, which is a nice touch.  The main limitation of this app is the lack of video, however the techniques are clearly shown in well designed photos with force vector arrows added for clarity.



CORE – Clinical Orthopedic Exam

CORE, which stands for Clinical Orthopedic Exam, is another app with demonstrations of clinical tests.  Like iOrtho+ above, there are over 200 tests available with numerous references and links to view the abstract or entire article.  I feel like CORE has more references that iOrtho+ in my testing, but the biggest advantage CORE has is that there are actual video demonstrations of the techniques, not just still photos.  However, iOrtho+ has both special tests and treatment techniques in one app.    CORE is designed specifically for special tests with addition apps for manual techniques (see below).

YouTube Preview Image



Mobile OMT

Mobile OMT, or Mobile Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy, is an app by the makers of CORE above.  The Mobile OMT app has a ton of high quality videos of mobilization and manipulative techniques.  I thought the videos were easy to follow with nice descriptions of each test.  There are three seperate apps for the spine, lower extremity, and upper extremity.

YouTube Preview Image




Kinesiocapture is an extremely powerful video capture and analysis app.  For those that have used Dartfish on their computers, this is a similar piece of software that offers way more convenience by being able to record video, analyze, and review right on your iPad.  The app has lots of useful tools to measure angles, apply posture grids, overlay video, and watch two videos side by side.

There are a ton of great uses for Kinesiocapture.  In the fitness, performance, and biomechanical fields, the ability to assess sport performance is top notch.  For the rehabilitation specialist, you can measure angles, show changes over time or post-treatment, analyze posture, and assess movement quality.

Here is a screenshot from a couple of clips I shot measure hip ROM bilaterally, followed by a demo video of some sport performance applications:

Top iPad apps for physical therapy


YouTube Preview Image



Bonus!  Dropbox!

I should note that my FAVORITE iPad app is actually Dropbox as I can basically work with all my files from all my computers right on my laptop.  That isn’t really a physical therapy iPad app but worth mentioning!  Get 2.25 GB free space on dropbox by clicking here.  I will have to do a webinar for my Inner Circle members on how I use Dropbox one day!


I’m sure there are plenty more iPad apps for physical therapy that I never seen, there are so many!  What other iPad apps have you tried and recommend?



Inner Circle Program

Inner Circle Logo[box type=”note” size=”large” icon=”none”]Join Mike’s Inner Circle Program for Members Only Premium Educational Content and Monthly Live Interactive Webinars![/box]

Learn more and stay current with live webinars and content to help you improve your skills and get better results!

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Here are some of the benefits of Mike’s Inner Circle Program:

  • Premium content for Inner Circle members ONLY
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In creating my Inner Circle, my goal is to provide you with a ton of value for very little money. For a fraction of the price of attending a single seminar, you get free live monthly webinars and an entire archive of presentations. Best of all, you can access the content from anywhere and anytime!

I’ve been talking about how much I think online learning is going to change our fields.  I believe that short bursts of information that is updated frequently is the best way to learn and apply the new material IMMEDIATELY!  Plus you get to tap into my mind of what I am currently thinking today.  The info that I am presenting is going to be exactly what I am thinking and working on at the moment.  You can’t get any fresher than this!  Journal articles take months to publish.  Books take years to publish.  My Inner Circle content is as current as can be.

Subscribe now for $5 a month, the price of a latte!  Or, lock in the current monthly rate and subscribe for a year for only $60.  The price for my Inner Circle program will go up, so subscribe and lock in this really low rate now.



Premium Content for Inner Circle Members Only

Inner Circle Premium ContentThere will be no changes to the current amount of information that you can find here at MikeReinold.com.  I will still be posting my usual amount of content for all viewers twice a week.  As you browse my site in the future, you may see the icon to the right, indicating that an article is premium content for Inner Circle members only.  This will be even more great quality educational content.

In addition to the live webinars, from time to time I will have other exclusive Inner Circle members content such as interviews, articles, and downloadable copies of my journal publications, and exclusive discounts on other education programs.

Inner Circle members will also be notified when I am conducting live Facebook chat Q&A sessions so you can jump on and ask a question or join the discussion.


Monthly Live Webinars with Mike

Inner Circle WebinarEach month I will announce a time and date to conduct a live webinar where you can log in from anywhere in the world and watch.  I’ll be discussing a variety of topics in this format ranging from new thoughts and techniques that I am trying to elaborating on some of the content posted on my site in the past.  Each session will have a live Q&A session where you can interact and ask questions on whatever topic you would like.  I will try to vary the days and times of the webinar to reach a wide variety of people in different locations as best I can.


Access to All the Past Live Webinar Archives

Can’t make the live webinar?  No problem!  All webinars will be recorded and posted online for your to watch at your convenience.  Inner Circle members will also get access to all the past archived webinars, regardless of when you joined the program.  Videos will be watchable from any internet connect computer or device including iPads and iPhones.

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Optin webinar graphic

5 Things You Need to Understand to Master Functional Rehab and Performance

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