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IASTM tool On Sale To Celebrate Receiving CEU Approval

Learn IASTM quickly and easily while saving $30 and earning 6 CEUs!

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best IASTM tools

My Recommendations on Choosing the Best IASTM Tool

One of the major points that I wanted to get across in my new online program teaching you instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization is that the tools do not need to be expensive to start using IASTM. There are a wide variety of different tools you can use for IASTM. Consider this article your resource to choosing the best IASTM tool.

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How and Why You Need to Learn IASTM

In this video, Erson and I describe how and why they both started using IASTM, how we integrate IASTM with other manual techniques and exercise, the major benefits of IASTM, and then some brief technique demonstrations.

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IASTM tool

IASTM Technique Program Now Available!

Are you ready to start learning how to start using instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) today?!? I’m so excited to finally have finished my new online education program teaching you how and why to start using IASTM quickly and easily! The program is on sale for the first 10 days, plus everyone that signs up has a chance to win nearly $2000 worth of IASTM tools!

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Kevin Wilk’s New Shoulder Instability DVD

Kevin Wilk has just released his new DVD Current Concepts in the Treatment of Shoulder Instability.

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theraband massage roller

3 Tools to Get More Out of Your Programs in 2013

Here are three tools everyone should have that can be used between workouts to help you mover better and feel better.

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Training Rotational Power in Athletes

Several weeks ago I was in San Francisco and stopped by TRX to see my friends Brian Bettendorf and Pete Holman.  We had a great time sharing thoughts and exercise techniques.   TRX Rip Trainer Pete Holman is the Director of Rip Training at TRX and original creator of the Rip Trainer.   Many are […]

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Trigger Points App

Best iPad Apps for Physical Therapy

The iPad is truly an amazing and powerful device that can really be helpful when using specifically designed apps for physical therapy.  Below are 7 iPad apps that I use everyday and find really useful in the clinical setting.  These aren’t designed just for physical therapy, and can be helpful for many rehabilitation, fitness, and […]

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