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Designing Functional Rehab Programs

Designing Functional Rehabilitation Programs

This month’s Inner Circle webinar was on Designing Functional Rehabilitation Programs. I think this may be my best webinar yet, or at least my most important. Rehabilitation is changing. Our focus has shifted away from myopic treatments of single joints and towards integrated movement patterns and regional interdependence.

In this presentation, I overview my system for building my rehabilitation programs and show you exactly what components I include and how I design the sequence of activities. I then overview a case study of a patient of mine that is 4 weeks out of ACL reconstruction surgery. As you’ll see, his “rehabilitation” program is not the typical quad sets and straight leg raises that you may expect. I’ll show you how I integrate functional movements, strength training, balance, agility, total body exercises, and even metabolic conditioning.

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Beighton Scale Laxity Instability

Laxity Does Not Mean Instability

Don’t automatically assume a lot of laxity is a bad thing, in fact many professional athletes possess a high amount of laxity. Remember laxity is normal, does not mean instability, does not mean you have a clinical syndrome, and something you can control with the right program.

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Keys to Tommy John Rehabilitation

The Keys to Tommy John Rehabilitation

This month’s Inner Circle webinar was on The Keys to Tommy John Rehabilitation. in this presentation, I overview what I feel are the most important concepts to understand when rehabbing from UCL reconstruction surgery, or Tommy John Surgery.

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Base of Support

Base of Support and Core Stability

Building athletes isn’t always just about strength and power, it’s also about movement quality and control. Watch for compensations at the base of support for signs of poor lumbopelvic and core stability.

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Assessing Scapular Position

While I have openly stated in the past that assessing scapular position is not as significant as looking at dynamic mobility, I do feel it is worth starting your assessment with position. You have to know where to start to know where to go.

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Band Resisted Horizontal Abduction with a Press

A New Exercise for Shoulder, Scapula, and Core Control

Here is an exercise that works shoulder, scapula, & core control. I’m a fan of exercises that promote strength & stability in one exercise.

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How Does Laxity Influence Program Design?

Today’s article is a guest post from Sam Sturgis regarding the influence of joint laxity on program design.

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Assessing Shoulder and Scapular Dynamic Mobility

Assessing Shoulder and Scapular Dynamic Mobility

A thorough assessment of the shoulder must look at the posture and dynamic mobility of both the shoulder and scapula. More importantly, we need to assess the interaction between the shoulder and scapula and not look at the two in isolation.

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