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Shoulder Stability and Scapular Strength with the Pronator

A New Exercise for Strength and Stability of the Shoulder

Here is a neat little trick to train the rotator cuff to stabilize while moving the scapular. This is a great drill to develop strength and stability of the shoulder.

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perfect squat form

Is Perfect Squat Form a Myth?

I often work with many people that are trying to squat with perfect form, or least what they believe is “perfect form.” The quest for “perfect squat form” probably isn’t that simple.

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How to Cue the Scapula During Shoulder Exercises

How to Cue the Scapula During Shoulder Exercises

In today’s video, I share my thoughts on the common cue of retracting your scapulae together while performing shoulder exercises.

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The Influence of Pain on Shoulder Mechanics

The Influence of Pain on Shoulder Biomechanics

A recent research report in JOSPT examined how the shoulder and scapula of people with pain moves differently than those without pain.

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3 Mistakes Coaches Make When Training Women

Today’s guest post comes from strength and conditioning guru Tony Gentilcore. As one of the premier strength coaches and co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance, Tony knows how to train people and get results. There are many misconceptions in strength training women. Tony provides a great article on some of the mistakes he commonly sees when […]

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Beighton Scale Laxity Instability

Laxity Does Not Mean Instability

Don’t automatically assume a lot of laxity is a bad thing, in fact many professional athletes possess a high amount of laxity. Remember laxity is normal, does not mean instability, does not mean you have a clinical syndrome, and something you can control with the right program.

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Base of Support

Base of Support and Core Stability

Building athletes isn’t always just about strength and power, it’s also about movement quality and control. Watch for compensations at the base of support for signs of poor lumbopelvic and core stability.

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Band Resisted Horizontal Abduction with a Press

A New Exercise for Shoulder, Scapula, and Core Control

Here is an exercise that works shoulder, scapula, & core control. I’m a fan of exercises that promote strength & stability in one exercise.

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