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Before you fill out the below contact form, PLEASE READ.  I receive A LOT of email from this website.  I read 100% of these emails, everyone, I promise.  Naturally, I can not respond to everyone.  That being said, here are some things that you should know before filling out this form:

  1. If you have a technical problem with a product or website.  If you have ANY customer support, sales questions, or technical problems with a product or one of my websites other than my Inner Circle, please click here to contact AdvancedCEU.  See the next link to Inner Circle specific customer support.
  2. Inner Circle Customer Support.  If you have a question for customer support, sales issue, technical issue, or would like to cancel your Inner Circle subscription, Please click here to go to a special Inner Circle customer support contact page.
  3. I will not answer questions regard a specific injury or offer any medial advice.  Sorry, just can’t do this over email.  I recommend you see a doctor and/or a physical therapist for examination.  If you have seen one but are not happy with your care, seek a second opinion, everyone in the medical community welcomes second opinions.  Come see my at my gym Champion Physical Therapy and Performance, in Boston, MA
  4. I currently am not accepting any students, interns, or offer any type of shadowing experience.  I recommend you join my online continuing education mentorship program, Inner Circle Program,, or visit for seminars and educational products of mine.   I would still love to have a fellowship program.  One day.  We are working on building mentorships at Champion.  If I do open up for any of these experiences in the future, it will be announced on this website.
  5. I receive a lot of messages from students that are looking for help finding references for projects and papers, I can’t answers all of these.  I recommend you search PubMed, everything I would tell you to look at can easily be found with a simple literature review.

Thanks for understanding but I would rather you know this up front than not hear back from me.  Also, by using this contact form to ask me a question you are agreeing to allow me permission to repost your message in the future with your name.  This could be a question with an answer in a future post or newsletter, or just a testimonial.  Thanks!

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