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Mike Reinold Q&A

The latest webinar recordings for Inner Circle members are now available below.


Live Q&A Recordings

This month’s Inner Circle webinars were two live Q&A sessions with members.  We talked about several topics, including:

  • How I pick corrective exercises
  • Gluteus medius tendinopathy
  • Treatment for swimmers with multidirectional instability
  • The use of compression straps for biceps tendonitis
  • Assessing glute strength
  • Rehab of a patient with both a SLAP repair and rotator cuff repair
  • Difference in rehab between SLAP repairs and biceps tenodesis
  • Pitch count limits for softball players
  • What is more important, mobility or stability?
  • What are the best ACL injury prevention programs
  • Progressions and regressions of anti-rotation core exercises
  • the dreaded GIRD…
  • Mechanics of the row exercise
  • Fitness monitoring devices
  • And more

To access the webinar, please be sure you are logged in and are a member of the Inner Circle program.


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