Learn more from Mike through his online programs, webinars, and educational CDs and DVDs!

Mike’s Inner Circle Mentorship Program

Inner Circle

  • Premium content for Inner Circle members ONLY
  • Monthly LIVE webinars, interactive Q&A sessions, and Facebook chat sessions
  • Interactive members only forum to ask me questions and discuss with other members
  • Access to ALL the past live webinar archives
  • Downloads of my publications and other resources
  • Additional EXCLUSIVE members only content
  • Learn 24/7 from home from anywhere in the world on any device
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Mike’s Flagship Online Shoulder Seminar

Recent Advances in Evidence Based Examination and Treatment of the Shoulder

  • Mike’s critically acclaimed fully online 7-week shoulder course – Just like attending a seminar from the comfort of your own home
  • Combination of videos, presentations, and article reading to fully understand the shoulder
  • Topics include examination, treatment, rotator cuff, SLAPs, instability, the stiff shoulder and more
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Functional Stability Training DVD or Online Program


  • Mike Reinold and Eric Cressey’s Functional Stability Training for the Core, Upper Body, and Lower Body program
  • The integration of rehabilitation and performance training designed to maximize function
  • Enhance movement while eliminating compensatory movement patterns
  • Available as DVDs and also available fully online at
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Optimal Shoulder Performance DVD

  • An 8 hour DVD box set of Mike Reinold and Eric Cressey’s Optimal Shoulder Performance Program
  • The integration of rehabilitation and performance training designed to maximize function
  • Comprehensive resource for testing, treating, and training the shoulder
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Rehabilitation Protocols on CD

  • A collection of over 130 rehabilitation protocols from Mike Reinold, Kevin Wilk, and James Andrews
  • Nonoperative protocols, postoperative protocols, exercise programs, and interval return to sport programs
  • Protocols for shoulder, elbow, knee, foot, and ankle injuries
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Evaluation and Treatment of the Knee and Shoulder DVDs

  • DVD collection from Mike Reinold and Kevin Wilk
  • Full detailed clinical evaluation process of the knee and shoulder on DVD
  • Treatment and exercise progressions designed to enhance neuromuscular control and dynamic stabilization
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Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Technique Online Program

  • Understand the use of IASTM manual therapy
  • Review how to perform and integrate into your practice
  • Specific pathology treatment examples
  • Full program online!
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  • Various brief webinars of many sports medicine, rehabilitation, manual therapy, fitness, and performance topics
  • Learn from Mike Reinold, Kevin Wilk, James Andrews, Glenn Fleisig, ASMI and more
  • Online version of the ASMI Injuries in Baseball Course and Sports Medicine Lecture Series
  • Get access to ALL webinars for one low monthly price!
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The Athlete’s Shoulder

  • In depth text book edited by Mike Reinold, Kevin Wilk, and James Andrews
  • Covers a wide range of topics
  • “This massive multi-authored opus is a goldmine of precious nuggets of information not readily available in another form. It should find a place in every orthopaedic department’s library and on the bookshelf of all healthcare providers with a serious interest in the shoulder.”  – JBJS review
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Live Continuing Education Seminars

  • Live seminars around the country through AdvancedCEU
  • Various dates and topics depending on time of year
  • Seminars from Mike Reinold, Kevin Wilk, and more
  • Continuously updated as new seminars become available
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