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Breathing Pattern Disorders Webinar

Breathing Pattern Disorders

Learn what poor breathing pattern disorders do to the body, how to assess breathing patterns, and what we can do to enhance our programs.

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Stuff You Should Read

Breathing and Stress Relationship, and the Neuroscience of DOMS

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Mike Robertson and Conditioning Research.

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October AMTA_Chaitow Box-150ppi-low

Skater Squats, Sleep and Injuries, and Leon Chaitow in Boston Next Year

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Ben Bruno, Med Page Today, and Leon Chaitow.

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Core Stability Model

Core Stability From the Inside Out

Core-stabilization has to come from the inside out and is controlled via the diaphragm.

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4 Things We Are Doing Wrong in Rehab

4 Things We Are Doing Wrong with Rehab

Today’s guest post comes from Dean Somerset discussing 4 things he thinks we are doing wrong with rehab.  Great job Dean, I always love reading your stuff!  If you want to hear more from Dean (and you definitely should!) I recommend you check out Dean’s new Post-Rehab Essentials program.  It is over 12 hours of […]

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