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chin nod with shoulder w exercise

Integrating Upper Cervical Flexion with Postural Exercises

Just like any other aspect of our rehabilitation and corrective exercise programs, the ultimate goal should be to groove motor patterns with simple exercises and slowly integrate them into more complex functional movement patterns. While the chin nod is a great choice to work on upper cervical flexion in those with postural adaptations and an […]

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Chin Tuck Chin Nod Exercise

The Chin Tuck and Chin Nod Exercises

The chin nod is a simple variation of the chin tuck that focuses on upper cervical flexion without shear force.

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Exercise Considerations for Neck Pain | Mike Reinold

Exercise Considerations for Neck Pain

Today’s post is written by Rick Kaselj.  Rick is the creator of the Muscle Imbalances Revealed products that I have mentioned in the past.  I reviewed both the lower extremity and upper extremity editions of Muscle Imbalances Revealed in the past.  Rick has a nice presentation on the neck in the upper body edition and […]

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