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cueing the core during shoulder elevation

Cueing the Core to Enhance Shoulder Elevation

Here is a quick video showing how someone may hyperextend the spine with simple arm elevation exercises, such as a full can exercises, and how cueing them to engage their core corrects the movement.

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consistent release point

5 Mobility Issues Preventing a Consistent Release Point

There are several mobility and stability concerns with your lower body and core that may be leading to an inconsistent release point.

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Leg Power Baseball Pitching

Are Leg Strength and Power Important to Baseball Pitching?

Proper sequencing of the kinetic chain & focus on the development of leg strength and power are important to consider in baseball pitching.

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Training Rotational Power in Athletes

Several weeks ago I was in San Francisco and stopped by TRX to see my friends Brian Bettendorf and Pete Holman.  We had a great time sharing thoughts and exercise techniques.   TRX Rip Trainer Pete Holman is the Director of Rip Training at TRX and original creator of the Rip Trainer.   Many are […]

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Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity. This simple concept has been one of the most recurring themes in my teachings as well as my core philosophies throughout my career. This is how I learned that lesson.

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Advanced Rotary Stability Plank Progressions

The rotary stability plank is one of my go to Functional Stability Training exercises to start training the core to stabilize in multiple planes of motion. Here are a few progressions of the exercises.

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Anterior Pelvic Tilt

The Influence of Anterior Pelvic Tilt on Hip Flexion Mobility

There is one more reason that you may be struggling with this in addition to the lack of strength and dynamic stability that I previously discussed that centers around mobility.

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Functional Stability Training for the Core

Glute Bridge Exercise Progressions for Rotary Stability

The bridge exercise is one of the most simple exercises you can perform to start training the glutes to extend the hip while stabilizing the core and providing lumbar rotary stability.

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