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selecting rehabilitation exercises

Exercise Selection for Rehabilitation Programs

Some important things to consider next time you are selecting exercises for rehabilitation programs.

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Nike Fuel Band Fitness Gadget Gift Ideas

Fitness Gadget Review – Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Nike Fuel Band

Here are a few fitness gadget gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast in your life! I review and compare the Fitbit One, Nike Fuel Band, and Jawbone Up.

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Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity. This simple concept has been one of the most recurring themes in my teachings as well as my core philosophies throughout my career. This is how I learned that lesson.

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Functional Stability Training of the Core – Live Seminar with Eric Cressey and Myself

Announcing an upcoming live seminar by Mike Reinold and Eric Cressey on Functional Stability Training of the Core.

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Bridge Exercise

A Simple Modification To Maximize Your Bridge Exercise for Hip Extension

The bridge exercise is a simple and effective exercise to begin working on hip extension and turning on your glutes. Here is a simple modification you can perform if hip flexor mobility is limiting the effectiveness of the bridge.

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TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX Serratus Slide

The TRX Serratus Slide is a great new exercise that really targets the serratus anterior muscle using the TRX Suspension System.

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side plank clam shell

Side Plank Clam and Side Plank Hip Abduction Exercises

Here are two exercises to train the core to stabilize while simultaneously incorporating hip mobility and strengthening.

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shoulder exercise EMG

How to Pick the Best Shoulder Exercises and Know Why

I can’t tell you how many times people ask me for a copy of my shoulder program. Rather than rely on one simple shoulder program for everyone, I always try to customize my programs based on each person and their presentation. Here is how to pick the best exercises and, more importantly, know why.

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