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Shoulder Stability and Scapular Strength with the Pronator

A New Exercise for Strength and Stability of the Shoulder

Here is a neat little trick to train the rotator cuff to stabilize while moving the scapular. This is a great drill to develop strength and stability of the shoulder.

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Beighton Scale Laxity Instability

Laxity Does Not Mean Instability

Don’t automatically assume a lot of laxity is a bad thing, in fact many professional athletes possess a high amount of laxity. Remember laxity is normal, does not mean instability, does not mean you have a clinical syndrome, and something you can control with the right program.

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Base of Support

Base of Support and Core Stability

Building athletes isn’t always just about strength and power, it’s also about movement quality and control. Watch for compensations at the base of support for signs of poor lumbopelvic and core stability.

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Band Resisted Horizontal Abduction with a Press

A New Exercise for Shoulder, Scapula, and Core Control

Here is an exercise that works shoulder, scapula, & core control. I’m a fan of exercises that promote strength & stability in one exercise.

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Functional Stability Training for the Upper Body

Functional Stability Training for the Upper Body

My latest educational program with Eric Cressey, Functional Stability Training for the Upper Body, is now available!

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corrective exercise bell curve

7 Reasons Why Corrective Exercises May Not Always Work

Correct exercises aren’t perfect. In order to best use corrective exercises, you first need to understand why they sometimes do not work.

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Reactive Neuromuscular Training for Dynamic Stabilization of the Lower Extremity

A Simple Dynamic Stability Exercise for the Leg [Video Demo]

This video demonstrates simple reactive neuromuscular training (RNT) drills to enhance dynamic stability of the lower extremity.

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going injuries in hockey players

Groin Injuries in Hockey Players

Groin injuries are common, especially in hockey. To treat effectively, you must consider alignment, imbalances, and triplanar function.

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