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Hip Clam Exercise with a Plus - Mike Reinold

Simple Tweak to Maximize the Hip Clam Exercise

Really turn on the glutes during this simple tweak to the hip clam exercise and feel your gluteus maximus and gluteus medius burn!

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Leg Power Baseball Pitching

Are Leg Strength and Power Important to Baseball Pitching?

Proper sequencing of the kinetic chain & focus on the development of leg strength and power are important to consider in baseball pitching.

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Working the Glutes in 3D

Working the Glutes in 3D

A common limiting factor in program design is working on isolated movement patterns, you really need to start thinking about muscles in 3D.

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Rotational Power Training for Athletes

Training Rotational Power in Athletes

Several weeks ago I was in San Francisco and stopped by TRX to see my friends Brian Bettendorf and Pete Holman.  We had a great time sharing thoughts and exercise techniques.   TRX Rip Trainer Pete Holman is the Director of Rip Training at TRX and original creator of the Rip Trainer.   Many are […]

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Inner Circle Premium Content

Top 5 Tweaks to Enhance Hip Exercises

I review my top 5 simple little tweaks to really enhance your hip exercises. I love topics like this as I really feel that the small attention to detail items are what can really help you set yourself apart

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Functional Stability Training for the Core

Glute Bridge Exercise Progressions for Rotary Stability

The bridge exercise is one of the most simple exercises you can perform to start training the glutes to extend the hip while stabilizing the core and providing lumbar rotary stability.

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Kneeling Hip thrust

Kneeling Hip Thrust

The hip thrust exercise has become a common exercise for strengthening the gluteus maximus. By performing a kneeling hip thrust, it becomes a better activation and lower level strengthening exercise for the more basic patient.

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SL Hip Thrust w band resisted Hip Drive - YouTube

Single Leg Hip Thrust with Band-Resisted Hip Drive

This week’s guest post is a video demonstration of the single leg hip thrust with band-resisted hip drive by Eirik Førlie.  I received a lot of feedback regarding my posts last week on hip flexion strength and hip flexion exercises.  Eirik sent me this exercise demonstration and thought it would be great to share.   Single […]

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