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going injuries in hockey players

Groin Injuries in Hockey Players

Groin injuries are common, especially in hockey. To treat effectively, you must consider alignment, imbalances, and triplanar function.

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Leg Power Baseball Pitching

Are Leg Strength and Power Important to Baseball Pitching?

Proper sequencing of the kinetic chain & focus on the development of leg strength and power are important to consider in baseball pitching.

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The Difference Between the Location of Symptoms and the Source of Dysfunction

We should probably consider that many of our “injuries” that seem to be not responsive to treatments may actually be coming from elsewhere in the body. Here are 3 of my top “injuries” that may actually be “symptoms.”

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Risk Factors for Groin Strains in Sports

Groin strains and other injuries are very commonly observed in sports, and have been reported to cause up to 16% of injuries in sports like soccer.  For those that work with athletes and who have seen these injuries, you know that groin strains can be tricky and often times become a recurrent problem.  Thus, it […]

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