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Enhancing the Balance Between Upper and Lower Trapezius

This month’s Inner Circle webinars discussed strategies to enhance the balance between the upper and lower trap, a common dysfunction I see.

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Leg Power Baseball Pitching

Are Leg Strength and Power Important to Baseball Pitching?

Proper sequencing of the kinetic chain & focus on the development of leg strength and power are important to consider in baseball pitching.

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4 Things We Are Doing Wrong in Rehab

4 Things We Are Doing Wrong with Rehab

Today’s guest post comes from Dean Somerset discussing 4 things he thinks we are doing wrong with rehab.  Great job Dean, I always love reading your stuff!  If you want to hear more from Dean (and you definitely should!) I recommend you check out Dean’s new Post-Rehab Essentials program.  It is over 12 hours of […]

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Kinetic Chain Muscle

The Problem with the Kinetic Chain Concept

Understanding the kinetic chain is an important component of understanding movement and function.

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The Difference Between the Location of Symptoms and the Source of Dysfunction

We should probably consider that many of our “injuries” that seem to be not responsive to treatments may actually be coming from elsewhere in the body. Here are 3 of my top “injuries” that may actually be “symptoms.”

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The Kinetic Chain Ripple Effect

Certain areas of the body may influence other areas throughout the kinetic chain, but have different impact based on how far away the two areas are, this is the kinetic chain ripple effect.

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