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MLB pitching injuries

5 Reasons Why There Are So Many MLB Tommy John Injuries

The baseball season is only a few weeks old and we’ve already seen an impressive amount of MLB pitchers need Tommy John surgery. This pace could lead to a record breaking amount of injured pitchers. While many have speculated about the causes of this rise, I wanted to share my perspective as someone that has […]

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elbow extension tommy john

8 Keys to Tommy John Rehabilitation

With the right care and attention, UCL reconstruction surgery can have a really good outcome. Follow these 8 keys to Tommy John Rehabilitation and you’ll be back on the mound in no time.

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Tommy John Surgery

5 Myths of Tommy John Surgery

Tommy John surgery has become as much a part of baseball as Cracker Jack and hot dogs. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions that have been spread over the years. Here are 5 myths about Tommy John surgery that any player, coach, or parent needs to fully understand.

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Baseball Training Program

How Baseball Players Can Enhance Performance While Reducing Injuries

Preparation for the baseball season is extremely important, and those that do not prepare well have a higher chance of injury. I have 5 areas that I think everyone should focus on to best prepare for the upcoming season. Many people put the effort into one or maybe two of these components, but the key […]

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minimum viable exercise

The Minimum Viable Exercise

Avoid the urge to perform “maximum strength” exercises and focus on the least amount of intensity needed to achieve the desired effect. This is the minimum viable exercise. Assess and adjust along the way to maximize performance and reduce your chance for injury.

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baseball offseason throwing

When Should Baseball Players Start Their Offseason Throwing Programs?

It’s that time of the baseball offseason when we start planning the start of players’ offseason throwing programs, and inevitably every year I get some sort of variation of the same question – “When should I begin my offseason throwing program?” There are a lot of opinions on when to start throwing, and you may […]

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youth baseball injuries

Are We Putting Our Kids at Risk for Youth Baseball Injuries?

Youth baseball injuries are rising – preventing injuries begins with awareness and learning why these pitching and throwing injuries occur.

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Inner Circle Premium Content

Preventing Little League Pitching Injuries

This month’s Inner Circle webinars discussed a very important topic to me, preventing Little League pitching injuries

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