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The Influence of Pain on Shoulder Mechanics

The Influence of Pain on Shoulder Biomechanics

A recent research report in JOSPT examined how the shoulder and scapula of people with pain moves differently than those without pain.

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ER Press Exercise

Great Exercise to Enhance Posterior Shoulder Strength, Endurance, and Overhead Stability

I wanted to share an exercise I have been incorporating into my programs lately to develop posterior shoulder strength, endurance, and overhead stability. I call it the ER Press as it combines shoulder external rotation in an abducted position with an overhead press. When performed with exercise tubing, it provides an anterior force that the […]

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arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

How to Enhance Your Success After Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

Follow these proven recommendations to put yourself or your client in position to succeed and maximize your outcome following rotator cuff repair surgery.

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Hip Rotator Cuff

Hip Rotator Cuff

Learn how different muscles groups of the hip have different roles in providing movement and stabilization, and what to do about it.

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Kevin Wilk Rotator Cuff DVD

Kevin Wilk’s New Rotator Cuff Injury DVD

Kevin Wilk has just released his new DVD Current Concepts in the Treatment of Rotator Cuff Injuries. Special discount price this week only!

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rotator cuff tear

Can Physical Therapy for Rotator Cuff Tears Prevent Surgery?

Nearly 75% of patients avoided rotator cuff repair surgery by performing physical therapy despite having full thickness cuff tears.

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Reactive Neuromuscular Training on Pitchers

The Effect of Reactive Neuromuscular Training on Pitchers

Performing rhythmic stabilizations prior to throwing have an impact on pitching velocity in baseball players.

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Inner Circle Premium Content

Internal Impingement – What it is and How to Diagnose

This month’s Inner Circle webinars discussed a one of the most requested topics to date – Internal Impingement.

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