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Nike Fuel Band Fitness Gadget Gift Ideas

Fitness Gadget Review – Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Nike Fuel Band

Here are a few fitness gadget gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast in your life! I review and compare the Fitbit One, Nike Fuel Band, and Jawbone Up.

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Stuff You Should Read

Subscapularis Testing, Balance Drill for Runners, and the Subjective Examination

This week’s stiff you should read includes some great articles by Sports Medicine Research, Chris Johnson, and Charlie Weingroff.

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Is Barefoot Running Good or Bad for You?

The concept of barefoot running is getting a lot of interest lately, as well as a lot of debate on running and medical forums, with the question “is barefoot running good or bad for you?” It is certainly not a new concept and running shoe companies have been catering for the so called minimalist runners […]

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