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biceps labral complex

Is a Biceps Tenodesis the Answer?

The biceps tenodesis procedure has recently been popularized as a way to reduce rehabilitation time. However, the biceps plays a role in shoulder function, and we may not know the consequence of eliminating it’s role.

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6 Keys Factors in the Rehabilitation of Shoulder Instability – Part 2

Last week we began exploring some of the factors that I think are most important in designing rehabilitation programs for nonoperative shoulder instability.  As we discussed, shoulder instability covers a very large group of people, and different types of instability will require modifications to our rehabilitation and training programs.   Key Factors in Shoulder Instability […]

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6 Key Factors in the Rehabilitation of Shoulder Instability – Part 1

Shoulder instability is a common pathology encountered in the orthopedic and sports medicine setting. But “shoulder instability” itself isn’t that simple to understand.  There exists a wide range of symptomatic shoulder instabilities from subtle recurrent subluxations to traumatic dislocations. Nonoperative rehabilitation is commonly utilized for shoulder instability to regain previous functional activities through specific strengthening […]

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