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humerus fracture after biceps tenodesis

Humeral Fracture Following Biceps Tenodesis in a Baseball Pitcher

Here is a great reason to carefully consider a biceps tenodesis in a baseball pitcher: a humeral fracture.

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Internal Impingement – What it is and How to Diagnose

This month’s Inner Circle webinars discussed a one of the most requested topics to date – Internal Impingement.

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biceps labral complex

Is a Biceps Tenodesis the Answer?

The biceps tenodesis procedure has recently been popularized as a way to reduce rehabilitation time. However, the biceps plays a role in shoulder function, and we may not know the consequence of eliminating it’s role.

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Subscapularis Release for Loss of External Rotation

We have a great guest post today from my friend Trevor Winnegge.  Trevor wrote a nice article last year on complications following distal radius fractures that ranked as my number 1 guest post in 2009!  This time, he presents the results of really nice case series on restoring external rotation ROM using subscapularis release massage […]

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Clinical Examination of Superior Labral (SLAP) Tears – Part 2

What is the best test for a SLAP tear? Over the last series of posts of SLAP tears, we talked about many things: What exactly is a SLAP tear?  Top 5 things you need to know about a Superior Labral Tear How does a SLAP tear occur?  Mechanisms of injury to the superior labrum Part […]

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Clinical Examination of Superior Labral Tears – What is the Best Test for a SLAP Tear? Part 1 of 2

That is a pretty common question that I hear at meetings – “What is the best test for a SLAP tear?”  My past post of two new SLAP tests described a couple of tests that I am using all the time and prefer in my practice.  However, there are many more tests available.  I am […]

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Mechanisms of Injury to the Superior Labrum

How does a SLAP Tear Occur? Now that we have discussed the different types and classification of SLAP tears to the superior labrum, I wanted to now talk about how these shoulder injuries occur. There are several injury mechanisms that are speculated to be responsible for creating a SLAP lesion. These mechanisms range from single […]

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